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During a meeting with interested local artists and writers, the theme was voted on, and a place rather than a theme was chose. Downtown Wilmington, North Carolina set the scene for all of these stories, ranging from humor to horror, action and slice of life. 

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Giancarlo is one of Wilmington's life-long clerics, trying his best to learn the healing spell 'cure all wounds'. This town is very special to him, and he hopes our stories of the Cape Fear fill you with joy. You can read more stories through his anthology series at Milk & Honey Comics. (milkandhoneycomics.com)

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I like to watch cartoons

and draw stuff.

Giancarlo D'Alessandro

HP Fangs

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Angela Fernot

Angela is the project manager, art director, and one of the artists for Tales of Cape Fear! She is a teaching artist at DREAMS of Wilmington, and freelance artist/Twitch streamer. She loves bringing artists together, creating projects that encourage community, and making cool art! She is mildly obsessed with tea, being in nature, and baked goods of every kind.

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*Please do not submit to do this project if you do not yet have a story pitch.

We will REQUIRE that you can use Facebook to participate in book 3. 

Brendan Carter

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Brendan is pretty new to comic illustration, and is still finding his style and what-not. He enjoys making art, acting in local theatre, family-ing with his family, and general Tom-foolery.

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Mercedes Meza

I'm a long time hobby artist, fresh off of an unintentional hiatus and fairly new to the comic world. While I've been making traditional art for as long as I can remember, I began working digitally toward the end of 2019. When I'm not creating visual art, I'm in the salon, bringing art to life in the form of curls and color.

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Travis Bannister

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Draws stuff. Sometimes funny. Solved a Rubik's Cube once.

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Mike Combs

Local comic book art who takes inspiration from a multitude of styles. Ultra fan of old school Samurai films.

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Tyler Peterson

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After a career in Emergency Medicine, I am transitioning to become a full time writer and editor. I am currently finishing a MFA from Lenoir-Rhyne University with a concentration in Fiction and Poetry. I may be at the beginning of my journey, but I am already working on several projects and actively seeking work as a freelance writer and editor.

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Jon Trainer

Jon got an early start as a creator and storyteller: writing his first book, filming his first movie, and programming his first video game all before leaving elementary school.

After 25 years of building apps for the likes of Netflix, Monster, and Fidelity; Jon rediscovered his love for storytelling and self-published his first comic book, “Little”, in 2018.

Now residing in Wilmington, NC; Jon is obsessed with scrawling ink on paper for his next comic book.

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Andy Bonesteel

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Born in Upstate NY, my father and brother taught me how to draw at a young age. I moved to Atlanta at 17 to study animation and began creating my own stories. I am currently working on issue 4 of my creator owned comic book, Damien's Shadow where I am the writer, colorist and letterer.

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I'm a lifelong lover of illustration and fantasy. I'm working to create stories told through character design.

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Hunter Tiblier

A Comic book brat with a fiction addiction

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Mel Newcity

Melissa Newcity lived in Wilmington for 7 years before moving to Pittsburgh in 2021. Currently, she is diligently working on a collection of illustrated poetry and hopes to share more feel-good stories and comics in the future.

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Ace Pendragon

Ace works at good ol MLC and draws epic stuff whenever they get free time.