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Man holding bag of comics


Part time Reed Richards impersonator and Proud co-owner of MLC; Enjoys games and sports, music, reading comics, SELLING comics, debating who would win in a fight: The Hulk or his own father? (everyone has a hero...)


Ben is a lover and a fighter, which comes first you ask?  I don't know. Ask him. Co-Owns with his obviously cooler & smarter older brother who has nothing to do with maintaining the web page.

Man holding a Power Rangers sword
Man excited about comics

Would lay down his coat over a puddle for any MLC customer. He's that good. He manages Part II, keeps the cool vintage stuff flowing through the MLC universe, and is literally trained but the CGC grading overlords. If you have an old comic question, send it Eric's Way. Also enjoys antagonizing Hellboy in his spare time.



The tenacious ace is ready to hit you with hit recommendation after hit recommendation. Origins unknown, but they have the ability to draw and converse unlike any other! 

Man holding a doctor doom action figure
Man posing near action figures

Jose's positivity will make you believe that a guy like superman can actually exist. You. Will. Believe. He's here to put good books in your hands and make your day a good deal better.



Sean is the keeper of things that are rad. Find this man at MLC Part II and he'll make your shelf cooler. Ask this guy for a good story and he'll steer you in the right direction. If you want to see his eyes light up, ask him about Ahsoka. He's also mastered being a good dude. Mastered it, we say!

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